My top ten cake tools


  1. Sugar shapers - I love these, they are amazing for blending in seams, creating texture, they are the best tools to come on to the market in a long time, there are 4 sets, soft and firm in both regular and mini size, I have all the sets but the ones I seem to use most are the soft top minis.
  2. Dresden tool - in my opinion this is an essential and one of the first things you need in your tool kit. It's used for everything from flowers to texturing.
  3. Small rolling pin - perfect for rolling out smaller pieces of sugarpaste, I also use mine as a ball tool when making roses and for wafer paper flowers.
  4. Airbrush - possibly my all time favourite tool, the easiest, quickest and most fun way to add colour and dimension to your cakes, just remember to keep it clean and it will look after you!
  5. Pantograph cutter - I have a soft spot for a stripey cake, there's nothing nicer that clean, sharp, perfect stripes and the pantograph cutter makes it really easy to achieve equal width stripes and fast
  6. Flexi smoothers - I use these for both ganaching odd shapes and smoothing sugarpaste, they're great at helping to achieve sharp edges too.
  7. Ateco turn table - this is a really sturdy metal turntable that can handle the weight of heavier cakes, it's more expensive than the plastic ones but it's a great investment.
  8. Choctastique frames - these make ganaching your cake a breeze, check out my YouTube tutorial to see why!
  9. Tall side scraper - I use these for ganaching, buttercream and as a straight edge. The foundations if your cake dictate what the end result will look like so it's really important to start off with a nice level cake with straight edges.
  10. Spirit level - might not seem like an obvious one but I use it on every cake, apart from sculpted of course! It's important that your cakes are level especially wedding cakes, a few mm might not seem like much but once you stack thoseI cakes it will be really obvious, so its worth investing the time to make sure each tier is level.

On my most wanted list is an Agbay, I don't have one yet but I have used one and they're amazing!